Featured Hunts

Eastern NC Whitetail Deer


This is our specialty right here! We love NC whitetail deer hunting. We strive to provide all of our customers with a personalized hunt they will enjoy and remember. To do so, we limit the number of hunters to 12 per week.

Our hunters have the option of hunting non-management farms and management farms (no additional charge) to ensure your hunt is personally directed to what you desire.

We primarily use box stands but we also have ground blinds, tree climber stands, tripods. Stands are baited weekly with corn, sweet potatoes, and minerals.
Shooting distances range from five yards to five hundred yards. 

Spring Gobblers


Please see event page for more details.


Black Bear


NC bear hunts are extremely limited. We offer both stand hunting and dog hunting for bear. 

Bear can be harvested during deer season for an additional trophy fee of $500.00.